Why Invest in Startups That Cater to Millennial Buyers?

Millennials are greater in number compared to their baby boomer predecessors. They are the digital natives and attract major interest when it comes to product evolution. Although millennials are skeptical when it comes to spending their hard earned money, they are also a good source of innovative ideas that would cater to their peers. They are more concerned about the environment as it also affects their well-being and will eagerly help in environmental campaigns. The only problem is that most millennials don’t have the money to spend. This is where investors like Brian Gaister Co-Founder and CEO Pennington Partners & Co can help fund scalable ideas to help fund young entrepreneurs with potential startup ideas.


Advantage of Millennial Startups



Since millennials prefer experience over material gains, this creates an impression that they are difficult to please and lack brand loyalty. This is also an avenue for growth especially for startup businesses who want to cater to millennial consumers. Ideas that focus on sustainable investments are attractive to the millennial market. Investors like Brian Gaister Co-Founder and CEO Pennington Partners & Co are aware of these potentials, thus offer angel funding to these ventures.


Why Millennials Need Competent Mentors


Although they may have access to information and technology right at their fingertips, millennials still need mentors to guide them through their journey to becoming successful entrepreneurs. Financial experts and investment advisors like Brian Gaister Pennington Partners will help provide them with sound financial advice that is only achieved through years of experience in investing and setting up companies.


Mentors like Brian R. Gaister are valuable because of these top three reasons.


1. Greater chances of success. A 2013 executive survey revealed that 80 percent of CEOs become successful because they received some form of mentorship throughout the course of their career. Another research by Sage stated that 93 percent of new entrepreneurs believe that mentorship is instrumental to their success.


2. Network opportunities. Since mentors have an unlimited network of people they have accumulated over the years, they can easily recommend your business for their peers to invest in. Angel investors like Brian Gaister Co-Founder and CEO Pennington Partners & Co will definitely trust startups recommended by their friends.


3. Help you stay in business. You do not want to be the next business venture to go down the drain just because you lack advisers. According to US Small Business Administration, 30 percent of new ventures may not make it past the first two years while 50 percent may not make it past five years. However, if you have experienced mentors on your side, like Pennington Partners & Co Brian Gaister for instance, your startup business may survive more than five years or so.


How Millennials Shape the World Market


Time will come when baby boomers have to pass on their hats over to their millennial successors. Startup companies that are run by millennials will soon dominate the world market, creating a paradigm shift in investment management industry. This is not surprising since millennials want to make a difference. They think of themselves as global citizens while expressing support for local innovations. However, because of their inherent digital DNA, they have high expectations when it comes to their consumer experience. See more at http://connectpreneur.org/host